Monday, October 11, 2010

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i decided to repost it... wla lng... :) this is one of my passion

i’ve read this sign on a shirt in a known boutique…
it caught my attention.
i doubted it.
there are lot of times when we don’t mean what we say.
and oftentimes we don’t mean what we do.
things we do and the things we say does not jive with each other.
these things happen especially when we want to conceal our hidden agendas.
our inner feelings.
we do this because we tend to conform to what wud others wud think.
it is our form of ESCAPE.
in one way or another, we don’t feel like ourselves wen we do such things.
we look for other ways to express our true selves.

wen we were born in this world, the very first thing we learned is to ACT.
we acquire this through mimicking.
we mimic our parents, our yayas and etc.
we learn from their gestures towards us.
then,as we begin to speak we mimic wat they say.
we repeat wtever they tell us to say…
as we grow, we acquire knowledge.
we attend schooling.
our parents wud teach us to write our names then the numbers and etc.
as we progress from grade one to grade six, we learn to construct sentences.
then we learned how to write a paragraph.
we were taught how to write a letter.
then we write journals.
when we write, we unreservedly write everything we want to say.
especially wen we do it only for ourselves.
we do this wen we can’t say watever we wanted to day.
we do this in our own private place.
a place where we can be just purely ourselves.
there are certain things that you don’t wish to do or say but you just have to express it. and so we write it.

for me writing blogs reveals our true selves.
it unveils the hidden truths behind our smiles, laughter and tears.
it does not only divulge our other side but it cud also be a means of free expressionism.( damn, where d hell did got that one?)
maybe i’m saying this because i’m one of the few people hu can’t do the things they want to do and say the things they are meaning to say.
but not all people hu write blogs are like me.
they may be true in watever aspect expressing themselves.

maybe, just maybe…
we shud all apply this to ourselves…


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