Tuesday, January 12, 2010


goodmorning! it's 3:48 in my watch rayt now... it's soooo early...IKR... i have work l8r...morning shift... that's why :D

i haven't posted any decent blog for the past months...i missed doing so... wala kc akong time...plus marami png related factors like mood swings, flight of ideas (gawd! i'm crazy, ikr!) and so on and so forth...

so far, let me just give a glimpse of what's going on in my life...

* i'm feeling it again...the pain in my back... argh! i'm having difficulty while lying, sitting and even while standing. i wonder kung ano toh... :(

* it's three months already since i started as a volunteer nurse in a gov't hospital. my sked for this month is til the 15th only... after that, i'll be a bum again... hmmm...darn gov't policies!!!! this local gov't really pisses me off... haist...

i have to rethink about my plans...God help me...*military nursing?!?! hir i come?!?!*

* with regards to my rel status, yep, i'm still one (sumone's lurking behind me...i gotta be careful or else) hahahhaa... do i resent this? no...i'm actually loving it...the idea of being free... but the thing is this, i'm into sumone, sum guy of same age like me... what i have for him is real though...i'm sure of this... but i'm not quite sure if he's into me also... many think that we're couples...even his sister (she myt be reading this ryt now! hey yah jo! :D ) but we're not..we're not committed to each other... but i won't call this as pseudo-relaltionship either...coz i don't think it is... haist... we're having dillemas ryt now...i hope we cud handle this one... oh no! i fergot there is no "we" hir nor "us|" it is just basically i and him... T_T i'm actually waiting for a sign...holy crap... :D

oooppss...times up! time for me to go... gotta bounce!


  1. naku.. at ako ay mg rreact tlga ng bongga. until now hndi paren n ssettle kung anu man ang meron kau?! am not going to be a bias or what so ever.. am going to react / give an opinon as a FRIEND & not as the sister of your 'someone' hey.. ur not a kid anymore. do the right thing to do, confront him on what you really fell about him. say or ask him "kung anu ba talaga ang meron kau?" kasi kung hindi mu cxa tatanungin hindi mu ren malalaman ang sagot kung anu ba talaga ang meron kau? -- parang ako lang db nsabi ko na sau about my special someone whose affraid having a commitment with me but were doing like other/ real couples does. (lahat na ng kcheesiness sa mundo.. alam mu na un) -- in short were into each other pero pareho naming hindi alam kung anu ba talaga kami... so i stop thinking like a super paraniod because our common friend is also asking kung kami na ba talaga? or what.. because of something & i think you know what i mean.. so one night of mega conversation i pop out my super question -- i ask him "kung anu ba talaga tau?" "kung anu ba ako sau?". then i got my answer then alam ko na kagad kung anu ang status namen -- tenrentereren! a mega complicated relationship, kea mega change ng status sa FB na ang daming ng react. haist! so the whole point is be the man.. be the man who has the whole guts to say out loud but your feelings to your someone... c'mon where in the 21st century so dont be affraid to be agressive.. SOMETIMES.. i mean of sometimes is just to know your situation. kung friends lang ba kau? friends with benefits? plain friends? kau na? or what?! & then the cliché comes in that -- there is no harm in trying.. at least know you know your bounderies & how will you react on the things between you & him. & like what am telling to my friend who has a relationship problem din pero different ang problem lng "ikaw.. at ikaw lang din ang makakaalam ng sagot sa solusyon mu sa tanong mu".. hukie. i know its kinda long.. basta whatever happens or the result to that big question mark that is bugging into ur smart brain cells.. eh am still your friend.. no matter what.. hukie..

    much lab & peace out!

    txt mu ako sa update pero dont tell him about me asking kung anu na. ha...txt txt! :D

  2. wooot...ang haba....pero bnasa ko yan...:D

    i've done that already...nhhiya n nga ako ee...

    he's not answering my questions...

    he's actually asking for time for himself...T_T

    thank u ha...

    oo nman...no matter what, we're still friends!!! :D ;'(

    thank u so much!!! lablablab...